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36 HP Sport Batwing Sail
36' HP Sport Batwing™ sail on Mark I, Long Haul kayak
with yellow Ama Extreme

New! 36' HP Sport Batwing™ Sail

The 36' HP Sport is a specialty sail designed originally for heavier boats such as folding kayaks and canoes. It is a real "tractor" of a sail, cut relatively full, with a shorter hoist, and a wider foot than our typical Batwing™ sail. This new sail has a slightly different shape with more area down lower than our standard 36' Batwing™. The 36' HP Sport sail offers quick acceleration and a relatively low heeling force, making this rig a good choice for kayaks and canoes without outriggers.

While our other Batwing™ sails may offer more top speed potential on lighter boats, the 36' HP Sport’s acceleration, power, and ease of handling offers a different performance feature for our kayak and canoe sailors, making it the rig of choice for many hull types.

Because of its shorter hoist, the 36' HP Sport fits the same mast as the standard 32' Batwing. If you already own a 32' rig, the 36' HP Sport is a wonderful option for a second rig and a new sailing experience.

The 36' HP Sport reefs to 30, 28 and 22 sq. ft.

The BSD 36 HP Sport - we saw a need for this sail, and filled it with the best product we could design. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Also available in the new Racer Vision XP version!

See our 36' HP Sport In Stock sails.

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