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PRODUCT DETAILS: 36' Classic Canoe Sail Rig

Ama Extreme
36' Classic Canoe Sail with Boss™ and Ama Extreme.

Ama extreme

The BSD 36' CLASSIC CANOE SAIL is a triangular sail with a sprit boom designed for kayaks or canoes. The rig is much simpler to install and use than more technical sail designs and yet offers excellent performance. This rig is designed for the recreational user rather than the racing enthusiast. The Classic Canoe Sail is well suited for the paddler who wishes to sail and, unlike many other sail rigs, it is not necessary to be a sailor first to use this sail. The BSD 36' Classic Canoe Rig will not overpower you and your kayak or canoe and yet this rig still offers exciting on-the-water performance. This sail is well suited for the day sailor/paddler as well as boaters on longer cruises. The economical BSD Classic Canoe Sail provides a safe, stable, sailing alternative to paddling.

Depending on the kayak or canoe chosen for this rig, you may then choose our basic rig package with the Classic Canoe sail, cross tube and leeboard, or upgrade by adding the Boss™ (outrigger stabilization system with akas and amas) and/or a BSD rudder. The Classic Canoe Sail comes in a variety of colors and can be custom ordered in a color of your choosing - or - pick one of our In Stock sails currently available.

Classic Canoe Sail - sail, mast and boom — $595
Classic Canoe Sail Basic Rig - all components to rig (except for a rudder) - instructions, sail, mast, boom, crosstubes, leeboard and all lines — $889
Add a rudder+$250
Add a Boss™ (outrigger stabilization system) — +$680
Ama extreme

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