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PRODUCTS: BSD/Long Haul Kayak-Sail Packages

Long Haul Atlantis 14
Mark I with 32' Batwing™(one reef in), BOSS™ w/ Ama Extreme

BSD has partnered with Long Haul Kayaks and we are pleased to offer their full line of kayaks – Mark I, Mark II, Commando and Ute together with our Boss™ Batwing™ sail rigs. Perfect for the urban kayaker or apartment dweller, the Long Haul line of boats are high performance folding kayaks that can be taken apart and kept in storage or packing bags that will fit in your closet. The disassembled boat can be carried to a launch location and put together in a short time. Pair one of these kayaks with BSD’s Boss™ Batwing™ sail rigs and you have an exciting and adventurous sailing kayak. The BSD/Longhaul sailing kayak is a boat you can depend on for exploration and adventure kayak sailing as well as an easy boat for the novice kayak sailor to master for a fun day sail.

Choose Your Components

A.  Pick a kayak: (click on boat model for details and specifications)
     Mark I Classic - single kayak - $CALL FOR PRICE
     Mark I Expedition - single kayak - $CALL FOR PRICE
     Mark II Classic – double kayak - $CALL FOR PRICE
     Mark II Expedition – double kayak - $CALL FOR PRICE
     Commando – double kayak for military use - $CALL FOR PRICE
     Ute – mini single kayak, extra lightweight - $CALL FOR PRICE

B.  Pick your sail rig:
     36’ Boss™ Batwing™ HP Sport - $CALL FOR PRICE
     32’ Boss™ Batwing™ Expedition - $CALL FOR PRICE
     32’ Boss™ Batwing™ Sport - $CALL FOR PRICE
     Schooner Rig - 32’ & 24' Batwing™ Expedition with Boss™Extreme (reinforced crosstubes) - $CALL FOR PRICE
     40’ Twins™ - $CALL FOR PRICE
     30’ Twins™ - $CALL FOR PRICE      

C.  Pick Addtional Options:
     Ama Extreme (Yellow or Blue) - $9.50 (this is an upgrade option - the standard Ama is included with the BOSS™)
     Ama Extreme (Black) - $21.00
     Boss™ Extreme (rinforced crosstubes) - $75.00
     We do complete installation (complete instructions included) - $CALL FOR PRICE
     You do complete installation (complete instructions included) - NC

TOTAL – add A, B, C

New to kayak sailing? We recommend the Mark I Expedition with a 24’ Expedition Batwing™ and the Boss™ Ama Extreme (yellow) and we’ll do the complete component installation, all for - $CALL FOR PRICE

Questions? Call 718-548-1188 or email us - info@baloghsaildesigns.com for inquiries or price quotes on particular packages.

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