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PRODUCT DETAILS: 5 Meter Batwing™Expedition™

5M Batwing Expedition
BSD's new sail the 5M Batwing™ Expedition™ with the Diamond on a Mohawk Ultima sailing canoe.

Introducing the
The BSD 5 Meter Batwing™ Expedition™

With the same type of power and efficiency you've come to expect from BSD sails, the new 5 Meter delivers it in heavy doses!

The 5 Meter is based on the proven Batwing™ design, but is a totally new sail, with beefed up corner hardware. It's geared toward those sailors with bigger boats, more outboard flotation, or just those brave souls with a need for speed.

Like most of our other Batwing™ designs, this sail comes standard with double zipper reefing. It will reef down to 4.2 M, 3.9 M, and 3.0 M. Note that the minimum size is equal to the total area of our most common Batwing™ — the 3 Meter (32 sq. ft.). This should give you an idea of the power and potential of this sail. It is NOT for the faint-of-heart!

We developed the 5 Meter a bit ahead of schedule, and in fact, at this point, we don't even have a rig capable of handling the driving power of this sail — but we're working on it!

As of now, we can't recommend the use of the standard BSD ama set up (BOSS™) with the 5 Meter — it will over power the amas in any but the very lightest wind. To get the full potential from the 5 M, you will need a boat and rig built to stand up to it — a larger mast, more outboard buoyancy, etc.

Because of this, we are offering the 5 M as a stand-alone sail only, at this time. It will be sold on a semi-custom basis, and we'll install custom hoops or any type mast attachment fitting (slugs, slides, etc), that the buyer requests.

    Here are the vital stats:
  • 5 Square Meter Batwing™ Expedition™ with 4 battens
  • Reefs: 4.2 M, 3.9 M, 3.0 M
  • Luff: 13' 10"
  • Foot: 60"
  • 4 oz Dacron: Available in all standard or custom color combos with black, white, blue* and red* trim.
    (*new trim colors now available)
  • Mast size recommendation: 1 ¾" - 2"

Price - $728.00

So there you have it - the new BSD 5 Meter Batwing™ Expedition™. If you have a larger boat, that needs the extra power, or are a racer, looking for the winning edge, this is the sail you've been waiting for!

See our 5 Meter Batwing™ Expedition™ In Stock sails.

Questions? Call 718-548-1188 or email us - info@baloghsaildesigns.com for inquiries or price quotes on particular packages.

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