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PRODUCT DETAILS: Coaming & Canoe Mounts

diagram of the Klepper MountMounts:
The drawing to the right is the drawing that is included in the Klepper™ installation instructions. Folbot™ clamps are different. Folbot™ and Nautiraid™ use a mast partner which is not shown. BSD's clamp system allows the thwart to be held in position with minimal clamp pressure. Other systems require excessive clamp pressure that can damage clamps and coamings.

We offer a more economical coaming mount which is only recommended for boats such as the Folbot Greenland series kayaks with plastic or metal coamings. The coaming mount is one we use on our canoe rigs and is not recommended for boats with wooden coamings. The canoe mount is not easily compatible with spray deck use. This more economical mount is best for daysailing without a spray deck.

diagram of the BSD Canoe RudderCanoe Mount:
BSD rig installation hardware for canoes is simple and functional. A single thwart tube supports the mast and the leeboard. The thwart is held to the gunwales by a gunwale bracket assembly and released from the boat by two fastpins. A hull cup is secured to the bottom of the boat for the mast base. The rig is easy to install, strong and lightweight. The same thwart tube can also accept our patented BOSS™ outrigger system for ultimate stability while sailing.

Initial installation is easy using only household tools such as a drill and a hacksaw. Stows small and can be rigged on the water. Makes your canoe a multi-use boat. Fun and relaxing hobby. All BSD hardware is marine quality for use in salt or fresh water and is constructed of anodized marine aluminum, stainless steel, and high strength, UV inhibited plastics.

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