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diagram of the WINGBONE™ ™
There is only one accessory for the BATWING™ and that is the WINGBONE™ . The WINGBONE™ is a lightweight compression strut that acts as a boom for the BATWING™ sails. The WINGBONE™ works well on all of our BATWING™ sails from 24 to 38 square feet. The WINGBONE™ is made from an anodized aluminum tube and comes complete with the appropriate fittings you will need for your sail and rig. The WINGBONE™ is compact and strong and works as well as you have come to expect from a BSD product.

The outboard end of the WINGBONE™ attaches to the "D" ring on the clew of your BATWING™ with a stainless steel shackle. The mast end of the WINGBONE™ attaches to the tack hook on the EXPEDITION™ sails or the tack grommet on the SPORT™ sails. A super tough nylon hoop slides over the mast with the sails luff hoops.

The advantages of the WINGBONE™ are:

1) On some boats it is difficult to find a point on the deck for efficient sheeting of the sail. Use of the WINGBONE™ makes the sheeting point much less critical. A WINGBONE™ equipped BATWING™ will sheet efficiently from a wider range of sheeting locations.
2) The use of a WINGBONE™ will increase the efficiency of the BATWING™. While sailing downwind, the WINGBONE™ acts as a compression strut taking some of the compression load off of the bottom batten which was acting as a boom. This limits the bend of the lower batten which produces a better shaped and better handling sail. The limiting of the lower batten curve provides more projected area downwind and less upper leech twist for more power and control. This makes the BATWING™ even more predictable and controllable in the jibes, very important in heavy winds.

The WINGBONE™ is supplied with the various packaged rigs complete with all the line and blocks you will need. It can also be custom configured if you are not purchasing a packaged rig. Please ask.

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