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PRODUCTS: BSD/Feel Free Kayak-Sail Packages

Feel Free Kayaks with BSD Batwing rigs
Feel Free kayaks with BSD Boss™ Batwing™

BSD has partnered with Feel Free Kayaks and is pleased to offer their Atlantis 14, Atlantis 12, and the Moken 13 Angler Deluxe together with our Boss™ Batwing™, Twins™ or Classic Canoe sail rigs. Pair one of these kayaks with BSD’s sail rigs and you have a comfortable, durable sailing kayak with built-in foot peddle steering, bulkheaded storage both fore and aft and a day hatch. The BSD/Feel Free sailing kayak is a boat you can depend on for cruising, adventure kayak sailing and an easy boat for the novice kayak sailor to master for a fun day sail. (Note: Complete kayak/sail packages only - no sales of kayaks only through BSD).

* Click for info on our Special Sale of Demo Packages *

Choose Your Components

A.  Pick a kayak: (click on boat model for details and specifications)
     Atlantis 14
     Atlantis 12
     Moken 13 Angler Deluxe

B.  Pick your BSD sail rig:
     36’ Boss™ Batwing™ HP Sport™ (for Atlantis 14 only)
     32’ Boss™ Batwing™ Expedition™
     32’ Boss™ Batwing™ Sport™
     30’ Twins™ (Downwind sail - no Boss™)
     Classic Canoe Sail with Boss™

C.  Pick Upgrade Options:
     Racer Vision XP (Racer Vision XP upgrade available for Sport™ sail packages - add to the package price for 36' HP Sport™ +$100, 32' Sport™ +$90, 24' Sport™ +$80 )
     Laminate Pro (Laminate Pro upgrade available for all Batwing™ sail packages, +$100 for 38' and 36', +$90 for 32', +$80 for 24')
     Reinforced Lower Mast Section - +$75
     Reinforced Crosstube (Boss™ Extreme) - +$75
     Ama Extreme (Yellow or Blue) - +$9.50 (this is an upgrade option - the standard Ama is included with the BOSS™)
     Ama Extreme (Black) - +$21.00

PUT IT ALL TOGETHER: (Complete Component Installation Included)
ATLANTIS 14 36' Boss™ Batwing™ HP Sport™, with Extreme Amas $2800 +upgrade options, +$100 Laminate Pro
ATLANTIS 1432' Boss™ Batwing™ Expedition™ $2730 +upgrade options, +$90 Laminate Pro
ATLANTIS 1432' Boss™ Batwing™ Sport™ $2730 +upgrade options, +$90 Racer VisionXP or Laminate Pro
ATLANTIS 14 30' Twins™ $1750+upgrade options
ATLANTIS 14 Classic Canoe Sail with Boss™ $2430+upgrade options
ATLANTIS 1232' Boss™ Batwing™ Expedition™ $2572 +upgrade options, +90 for or Laminate Pro
ATLANTIS 12 32' Boss™ Batwing™ Sport™ $2482 +upgrade options, +90 for Racer Vision XP or Laminate Pro
ATLANTIS 12 30' Twins™ $1575+upgrade options
ATLANTIS 12 Classic Canoe Sail with Boss™ $2272+upgrade options
MOKEN32' Boss™ Batwing™ Expedition™ $2672+upgrade options
MOKEN 32' Boss™ Batwing™ Sport™ $2582 +upgrade options, +90 for Racer Vision XP or Laminate Pro
MOKEN 30' Twins™ $1675+upgrade options
MOKENClassic Canoe Sail with Boss™ $2372+upgrade options

New to kayak sailing?
We recommend the ATLANTIS 14 with a 32’ Expedition Batwing™ and the Boss™ Ama Extreme (yellow) and we’ll do the complete component installation, all for - $2739.50
Choose your sail from one of our sails InStock and we’ll ship your boat in 10 days!

Questions? Call 718-548-1188 or email us - info@baloghsaildesigns.com for inquiries or price quotes on particular packages.

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